Ayrshire Food Hub

Design    Branding   

This ambitious project has been in for the long game having raised the money to create a purpose-built community hub, farm shop and cafe in rural East Ayrshire just 6 miles from Kilmarnock. Their vision is to establish peoples connection with food and to use Ayrshire’s position as one of the main food producing regions of Scotland. Providing an outlet where people can buy the wide range of specialist and high quality foods and products produced locally, all gathered together in one place. At the same time the building will act as a much needed social and community hub for the region.

We were able to help the leadership team crystallise their vision and aspirations in a very active brand strategy workshop. Together we were able to arrive at a shared aspiration and create a brand identity that would mark the project out as a innovative and major food based concept for the area.

The branding will serve to spark enthusiasm and provide a north star to maintain an aligned vision as well as to mark out a brand image and quality of service for the facility and its connected programmes in the future.

There is a full brand system at work here catering for logo, signage, packaging, labelling and comms. The logo exudes as quality and honesty, depicting the produce of the country being sold in the town - just like it will be. A fabulous project to work on and a great team behind it that will truly make this brand sing.

"Our workshop with Bold was really productive - made us think out of the box - we all left on a high with a new brand name! We thought you captured our views and aspirations for the Hub really well. Just wanted to see a little more on learning and training. When the time came that we had to discuss with the rest of our Directors the title and elevator pitch went down really well."

- Mary Laidlaw, Chair, Ayrshire Food Hub (farm shop, cafe and community space - East Ayrshire)