Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club

Design    Branding   

Kingdom Offroad is a motorcycle club with a difference. Based in Methil, Fife, their main focus is to reduce anti-social behaviour including public motocross riding and divert the energy into motocross as a positive destination promoting it as a healthy and intense form of exercise and highlighting the benefits in terms of self-discipline and sense of purpose.

They have a number of specific programmes for young people including a very well subscribed training programme for young riders. They have a fleet of training bikes currently rent a track weekly, though the real goal is to have their own centre.

The vision is of an indoor and outdoor multi track motocross and ATB centre that would be a significant draw anywhere in the country. Several decommissioned industrial sites have been identified as suitable and many have responsibility to return the land to public benefit. Bold assisted by providing visualisations to help them make their case.

The brand look and feel was not putting across the huge enthusiasm for the club and the raw excitement of offload motorcycling. We wanted to be able to appeal to boys and girls alike and have a young and wild feel. We used the slogan Get High on MotoX to highlight how the club can transform young lives and be a healthy addiction.

In creating the branding we needed a motocross tyre, after a lengthy ring round Mickey Oates Motorbike shop in Glasgow came up trumps and we were able to splash it through paint and make tyre tracks on the studio floor to create the wild spattered tyre tracks that you see in the brand elements.