Music Broth

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Designed as part of our 2020 Brand for Growth campaign, Music Broth was a concept which really resonated with Bold team. 

Music Broth is a Social enterprise based in Glasgow which takes in and refurbishes pre-loved instruments then allowed its members to check them out for a low monthly payment. The challenge was to present the organisation as professionally and empassioned as it really is - and that is it not genre specific but across all genres of music.

Bold created a copncept where each individual is seeking their own musical tribe, weither it be classical, hip-hop or rock and Music Broth allows the flexibility to try out all the options. As such we conceived the idea of finding your musical head. We created a brand which looks energetic and fun with cut-and-paste images of active customers with literally musical instruments as heads - a concept that can run and run. This was then paired with a clean minimal logo mark and colour scheme which would allow the brand to sit neatly on professional reports and documents.

So many positives. The dynamic and rapport we had with the team, the genuine care and attention they had in the design process, their engagement with our volunteers and their ability to listen and apply theoretical language into visual products in such a captivating way was hugely inspiring.

- Jen O'Brien, Co-Founder, Music Broth