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NYCOS provides opportunities for young people, teachers and choir directors to support and develop choral singing across Scotland. The organisation had moved on greatly since its origins 20 years prior and as such its brand no longer engaged with its youth participants. Bold facilitated a workshop for stakeholder engagement across staff, participants and parents to develop the brand vision, values and characteristics. The new branding needed to balance youth with classical prowess, engage with young people and portray an Arts performance group at the top of their game.

The website had to cope with multiple audiences with very different needs, such as participants, parents, ticket buyers and the educational establishment. The UX architecture accommodated this by hooking first time visitors with their most prominent needs and providing a distinct landing page for each visitor stream. The website also connected to the CRM ThankQ via the API that allows data to be drawn from the members database.

Bold produces annual digital and printed promotional materials to recruit new participants and further NYCOS brand awareness.